GOcardless Integration

Just getting started with QuickFile.

We have a GOcardless account for our Scout Group which parents make payments to. How do we link our QuickFile account with GOcardless to see all the payments in one easy place and tag the payments accordingly as separate projects? For example a parent pays £5 for one camp and we call that a project and then how do we link this money coming in?

Hope this makes sense

see if this is of any help

I am more confused now than ever.

Do we need to add each parent as a customer? Each time we get a GC receipt then do we need to import it in some way, I’m confused :frowning:

If you get authorisation for DD from QF’s customer’s screen then it will allocate automatically for one off or recurring invoices, you will have to account for GC charges though.
If you get authorisation from GC dashboard itself then you have to allocate receipt manually in QF

How do you do that though?

here is the guide link http://help.quickfile.co.uk/main/1/setting_up_direct_debits_for_your_clients.htm?searchTxt=gocardless&criteria=

Ok I see what you mean by the integration.

However, our situation is this:

A third party website does the reminder of payments to parents. Parents then click on a link from the third party site and that then takes them straight to GC. Parents then make a payment via GC and this is linked back to the third party.

We then receive the payments into our account on a adhoc basis from GC. How do I break down these payments from GC and how should I mark them in the account? On our statement from the bank it mentions a receipt from GC with an amount but you then need to go into GC to break this down to see who has paid what, is there anyway of QF getting this info automatically or how do we correlate this info?

You can export customers and receipt data from GC and import in QF manually