GoCardless: The Direct Debit authorisation does not appear to be valid

When clicking on the Direct Debit Found box or when trying to collect an invoice by DD the following message appears:
"The Direct Debit authorisation does not appear to be valid.
Please obtain the correct ID from GoCardless and update the records below."
However after copying the Direct debit reference from the new GoCardless dashboard the message keeps appearing.
Moreover, checking other existing clients’ authorisations I notice that the ref number shown by Quickfile cannot be find anywhere in the new Gocardless dashborad. Have Gocardless changed their IDs?
Could you clarify please?

Hi @IdaB

The error can usually come from a client cancelling the direct debit. Is everything linked up with GoCardless all OK? Have you had any issues previously?

GoCardless haven’t changed their IDs, although I admit it was tricky to find.

In GoCardless, go to Customers

Then select the name of your customer that you want the ID of. It will then show you a list of bank accounts relating to that customer. Click on the one you wish to enquire about:

And select your mandate:

The ID appears in the URL:

and also at the top of the page (note it’s not the long one next to the Direct Debit logo):

Which in the case I’ve tried, matches what’s already on QuickFile:

It does seem a very log way to try and get a simple ID compared to what it used to be. It may be worth contacting GoCardless and providing them with feedback on this.

Well, I found it. Gocardless have designed the most convoluted way to show the mandate ID in their new dashboard.

  1. Go to Customers
  2. Select your client
  3. Click on the link to the client’s bank account
  4. At the bottom you have “Mandates” and a reference number. Click on the ref number
  5. On top of the screen the Mandate ID is shown above the DirectDebit logo.

After I entered that ID number all seem to be ok. I managed to collect an invoice.

Glad you managed to get it all working!

I did find another page which lists all the mandates, but it doesn’t show you who they belong to. But from there you should at least be able to see if they’re active or not:

sorry to reply to this nearly a year later - I have only just moved on the new GoCardless Dashboard - does the mandate need to be active before QF recognises it?

Hi @jayjoynson

Any new direct debits sent via QuickFile need to be authorised and set up first for them to be recognised. Any old authorisations (from before the dashboard switch over) will continue to work as normal.

It always used to be that authorisations set up outside of QuickFile could not be imported in (this was set by GoCardless). However, I’m not certain if this is something that’s still enforced. You’re welcome to try - the worst that will happen is you’ll see an error.

Please let us know if you need further help

I always used to send the request from GoCardless and then import the ID - can this not be done now?

It may vary from account to account. I would double check with GoCardless themselves, but I know that it never used to be allowed; likewise, you can’t use a direct debit authorised within QuickFile elsewhere too.

right ok - but the one setup in GoCardless should work though?

If you’re requesting them through GoCardless directly, yes. We were informed by GoCardless that authorisations can’t be transferred in or out of QuickFile. But as I mentioned, it may vary from account to account so I would double check with them to be sure.

If you were to try and process a collection through QuickFile, the worst that’ll happen is it will fail.