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Google Reviews / TrustPilot review invitation included on "New Payment Received"

Posted my first “organic” review on TrustPilot today…https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/quickfile.co.uk

You introduced an option to include Google Reviews as an intergration in October 2018 where clients are actively encouraged to provide “Feedback” but QuickFile uses TrustPilot rather than Google Reviews!

I would like a similar intergration for TrustPilot so that invitations for reviews can be sought without extra manual work. API (Application Programming Interface) seems the way to enhance this area of acquiring customer’s satisfaction checks but I am not that computer literate to make all the relevant connections.

Would someone like to add an API to the QuickFile MarketPlace for making this possible?

TrustPilot would be a great addition. We’ll look into this and discuss further with their development team to see what options are available.

Can I just check, are you using the free listing service with TrustPilot or you have a paid subscription? The reason I ask is that with the latter they allow you to trigger review invitations and the review will show up as a verified customer.

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As the cost is $199.00/month for a paid subscription this is beyond what is affordable for a sole trader and so a free listing service has been chosen…https://business.trustpilot.com/plans/compare.

The review that I wrote does not show me as one of your verified customers as I went directly to your page on TrustPilot but also I do not recall seeing anything about you requesting feedback through TrustPilot.

So I think we’ll likely not have many TrustPilot users on the paid plan that would justify us building a custom integration for triggering review request emails using their API.

With the free plan, it would just be a case of displaying a link in the client area or maybe triggering an email at a specific point after the sale. It would be tricky knowing when to send that email as we wouldn’t necessarily know when an order was fulfilled.

In our case we send invitations to users in the first 12 months. If you’ve been using QuickFile for a few years you may have ended up outside the scope of our invitations.

The appropriate occasion to engage a customer for feedback is on conclusion of a contract i.e. when payment is received. Prior to receiving payment for work/goods the contract is unfinished and so is better to postpone an invitation for feedback until receipt of payment.

I suggest that the best “tricky” place to send an invitation for feedback is within “routine emails - new payment received”.

Very occasionally customers want the impossible meaning they are never satisfied!

By including a “review invitation” within confirmation of payment from a customer then they have already verified their agreement and inviting them to make comment on the service/goods provided should be a simple process.

How to deal with the “impossible”?

Although the routine email “new payment received” is available within “BANKING” when tagging a payment this option is retrospectively unavailable via a Client’s Dashboard.

If there was a way to send a customer receipt of payment outside of “BANKING” tagging with the options to choose the recipients rather than only the “Primary contact” this would be good opportunity to collect reviews.

Another idea!

Howabout having an additional “tab” within the “credit control” system?

Routine email “Invitation for feedback” - this could be triggered after payment is received. I understand that the credit control system is for collection of payment but there should be a way to also include this after step.

When I wrote my review on QuikFile I also looked at the others listed on Trustpilot;


How to get QF nearer the top of the list? The Trustpilot list seems to biased and based only on the star rating but without taking in to consideration the number of reviews. When you have received 4.7/5.0 from 1471 reviews how is that a real comparison as the top of the list only had 622 reviews.

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I didn’t realise it was possible to trigger review invites on the free plan with TrustPilot, but I’m told they allow 100 per month to be sent. This then becomes a CC to a dedicated TrustPilot address linked to your account on order fulfillment.

I suppose we could link it to the payment notification email, but I’m not sure that would work for all users? I’ll give it some thought and let you know if I have any ideas.

We bounce between 4.7 and 4.8 on TrustPilot, the category we’re more focussed on is “Accounting Software”. You’re right though, they don’t tend to weigh the ranking by total review count. It’s not too difficult to get a very high ranking with under 100 reviews.

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I like the option of adding a CC address to a client. However, does this not makes later “clicking” to send future invoices/estimates more complicated as there would be more contacts to choose to send a notification; but also there would be quite alot of manual work involved saving the CC address acquired from Trustpilot.

Of course sending a dedicated invitation which included a Trustpilot tag would be beneficial but what I am looking for is an uncomplicated method.

You perhaps would like to consider my proposed method;

  • Payment received
  • BANKING tagged (Payment received) no notification sent
  • Send notification “Invitation for review” from INVOICE which could be included in “New Payment Received”

If we could look at the notification to customers of a “payment receipted” and make this available as an option to send after “BANKING” tagged (from a Client Dashboard) this would allow for the option to include “review invitation” without too much intervention.

What I have suggested involves some form of manual review prior to despatch of sending a request for a review (payment recieved) but I write this from dealing with clients over many years and sometimes we are not what they wanted!

The majority of are amiable but there are always those weirdos to work with as well.

Hi @alan_mcbrien

Just to add to @Glenn’s post above, the CC email address for Trustpilot is per account rather than per user.

Trustpilot automatically handles the invitations based on this. In a sense, this is a one-time thing rather than a per email thing. There’s more information on this on their website:

The addition of a SEND button on the payment screen would enable sending a payment receipt after BANK tagging and also allow the advice could be sent to a choice of recipients rather than only the Primary User on a particular Client Account;

Ideally there would be a choice of two emails;

  1. New Payment received
  2. New Payment received with an invitation to write a review

Trustpilot guidelines for reviewers suggest only writing one review per company. Once a client has provided feedback there would be no further requirement to keep asking for a further review.

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Moved this to a feature request

If they were to weight based on number of reviews it would have to be very much a non-linear weighting, as otherwise it’d be basically impossible for a new entrant to ever get close to the top of the list even if they were streets ahead of the long-established competition. Be cautious of listings with less than a couple of hundred ratings but beyond that I’m not sure it’s fair to automatically prefer higher review counts simply because they’re companies that have been around longer.

Another idea for getting customer feedback…

Within “Routine Emails” an additional proforma email “Invitation to write a review”.

This “Invitation to write a review” email would require a way of actioning this process, in a similar way to how the “Credit Control Settings” are triggered but instead triggered from payment received would work, but would not require the 1 2 3 steps just the one invitation. Or with a more personal touch have a button added within the “Send Invoice”…

This would allow for adapting the invitation to the particular customer that more often than not would produce a better outcome from asking for feedback.