Have multiple templates for emails

Depending on what we sell I send quite different covering emails. If they’re buying a book I say it’s in the post; if they’re booking on to a course I mention the course details, etc.

I’d like to be able to select from a list of email templates, in the same way you can with overdue invoices. This would save me a lot of retyping every time I sell a training course.

Is it possible to add this feature?

I’m not sure if this has been raised before but I shall leave it open as a “Feature Request” for other to comment or add their vote. If it’s something that proves to be popular we may explore this further.

Hi Glenn,

Clearly this feature request hasn’t got much traction. Would it be possible to script this with the new scripting feature?

The script would check what products are on the invoice and then fill the email subject and content accordingly. Is that a possibility currently?


Hi @AsherJac

I guess it would be to what extend you would want to apply this customisation? Would it be based on the client for example?

Looking at this, it would be possible with code if it was based on the client for example, but it could end up a mountain of code depending on how many clients you have.

Perhaps a better option would be to look at using the API and do some server side processing, and send the email from your own end rather than through QuickFile?

It would be based on what they bought.

Someone buying products A, B or C (books for example) would get a message saying that their order is in the post.

Someone buying products X, Y or Z (training courses) would get a message saying that course details are attached.

I guess one consideration would be if they bought product A and Z at the same time, but that doesn’t actually happen in our case.

I don’t believe it’s going to be possible if I’m honest. Looking at the data that comes through on the invoice preview there’s no way of identifying the item (unless you use and display inventory codes, such as ‘Book’).

The API may be your better option, which I’m happy to help with if you wish to look into it further

We do use inventory codes and we have a fairly limited number of them, so that may be a help.

To be honest I don’t think I have the time or the expertise to mess around with the API.

I may just find a browser plugin that lets us paste standard bits of text as a workaround.

Thanks very much for your quick responses and offers of help though. On top of being a great product, the support you guys offer really makes QuickFile a pleasure to use.

No problem. If you do decide to have a look at the API route, we do have a new Marketplace category on the forums where you can post to look for a developer if you wish.

But please let me know if you need any further help

(Thank you for the kind words too! :slight_smile: )