Help Setting up and using my account

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about requesting help but I am a complete novice when it comes to financial things that are more than basic buying and selling.
Anyway I have just signed up to Quickfile and terrified when looking at Dashboard, lol.
I need help setting up and using my account.
Basically I buy goods from a Manufacturer in China, I then sell these items on Amazon.
I want to know how to link my Business Bank Account, how to add all individual sales from Amazon Seller Central, How to show separate figures from Amazon Sales for sale value and vat value, how to add credit cards (and is it actually worth adding credit cards that have been used for both business and personal use - as not sure how I would show only business transactions).
Also as I have only just signed up it looks like I can only add things as far back as May 2019, is there ANY way of going back even further, as I need ideally to go back to middle of 2018.

What does your accountant suggest?..

Have you read through any of the guides in the knowledge base? They should answer most of your questions on banking and merchant accounts.

You can add things as far back as you want. I’m guessing here you mean with the automated feeds? Most will only back a certain amount, beyond that you can manually add data after exporting it from somewhere or simply manually adding it.

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