Help! Tagged Dividend as Salary by Mistake. How to correct?

As per title, I tagged a couple of bank transactions as employee salary when they were actually dividends. I can’t de-tag them, I have to edit the journal?

Is there an easy way to undo my mistake and tag them correctly? If I go to edit the journal it seems there are two options: Save Journal Entry (presumably after editing) or Delete All Journals (which seems to indicate I’d be deleting a lot more than just the one entry!)

“Delete all journals” actually just deletes all lines of this journal - despite the name it does not delete other unrelated journal entries.

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An easier way may be to bulk move the entries. If you can identify the entries in the chart of accounts, and they’re not grouped with other values (e.g. if you have several payments on one line), you can use the bulk re-code tool.

There’s more information on this, here: Bulk change incorrect postings

Thanks Ian, although it has now deleted the entry from my bank details as well! Any idea how I can get that back?

Thanks Mathew, I found one of the entries in the Chart of Accounts, but when I hit the check box beside the entry it does not give me the ‘Move to new code’ as illustrated in the guide you linked to.

You can use the “input new transaction” button on the bank statement to add untagged transactions by hand.

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