HMRC Evidence require all purchase invoices can this be printed in bulk I cant find the feature anywhere?

HMRC have decided to send me a letter asking evidence of my self employment and how I run my business this includes all includes both customer and purchase invoices, all receipts tagged etc through certain time periods they have specified.

I have found a bulk print for customer invoices but not for purchase invoices or the associated scanned receipts / photos attached. Please tell me there is a way to do this I have to get all this printed AND do my own work by 19th Oct!

I have printed the CSV file and converted to XLS workbook but that’s not ‘evidence’ required. I can pm a copy of everything they have asked for should you wish to see for your own reference and improvements to Quickfile?

Thanks in advance for your swift response.

Hi @FunkyPunky

There isn’t a way to bulk print purchase invoices unfortunately, but you can download all the attached files and use your own computers print function to do this. With PDFs and images for example, you should be able to print these in bulk using Windows.

I believe it would be the original documents that would be the evidence.

There’s details here on how to download your attached files: Download an archive of your documents

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