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Download an archive of your documents



From time to time you may wish to download an archive of all your documents in the Document Management area . This is now possible in QuickFile through a new feature in the Document Manager area. You can download documents in accordance with a specific date range and obtain all the items within that period archived into a single downloadable Zip folder.

Here’s how to get started…

Click on the Account Settings menu at the top of your account, and select Document Manager under the Tools sub-menu

On the Document Manager screen click “Download Archive” button, and next enter a date range that you would like to include in the archive and confirm with the green arrow button ().

QuickFile will now calculate the number and size of the documents within that range.

To finalise things click the “Order” button.

What types of files are included in the archive?

Pretty much everything visible in your document management area, receipts, letters, bank statements, client documents, and any other files you upload to QuickFile. The archive won’t include PDF invoices you have created within the system.

How long will it take after placing the order to receive the archive?

Typically it will take around 5-10 minutes to archive the documents depending on the volumes. Once the archive has been created, it will be available from the Document Management area as a single zip download. We will also e-mail you a link to the archive.

The document archive will automatically expire after 7 days, so please download your zip folder within this period. That’s all there is to it. You can use this tool to download documents accumulated over weeks, months, years, it’s up to you.

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