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HMRC returned a server error

“HMRC returned a server error, this usually occurs when their service is temporarily down for maintenance”
Trying to create a VAT return and get this message. Checked HMRC and no reports of any problems. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @Lyttonwolf

Sometimes something as simple as unlinking and re-linking your account can fix this.

Would you mind trying this please? From Reports > HMRC, disconnect your tax account, and then connect it back up again.

thanks, I’ve done that but still getting same problem. Submitted last 2 quarters successfully, not seen this message before Not doing anything differently

Hi @Lyttonwolf

We’ve been made aware of an issue on HMRC’s side. They’re currently investigating this.

We’ll be updating our status page with updates, but you may wish to try again later today.

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Here is a thread from timswait who had the same problem. At the end he did nothing (more or less), just waited a while and it was working again. Log out and log in again may helps?

Hi @Lyttonwolf,

The issue should have been resolved yesterday evening so it should all be working for you now.


Sorry QFMathew, didn’t see your post.

thanks all, now sorted

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