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How best to record regular Business Networking meetings


Good Evening all,
I regularly attend business networking meetings and am in the process of transferring my 17-18 spreadsheet into QF. Can anyone suggest the best way please on how best to add these meetings which are usually two a week please. Also, for bonus points, is there a way to log mileage alongside them (if possible) please?
Many thanks in advance,


Hi @Mags

If you paid out for the events (which I assume you did), then you would enter these as a purchase invoice, as you would any other purchase, especially if you’re VAT registered.

If they do take place on a recurring basis going forward, and are with the same “supplier”, then you could also set up a recurring purchase which would create the purchase invoices for you on a regular basis.

Regarding this point, I recommend taking a look at the business mileage article. There are certain things to consider with this (e.g. what is and isn’t business mileage).

I hope that helps!


Hi QFSupport,
Thanks for the reply but I’m still not quite getting it. I’ve gone through the article you linked to re the mileage but don’t understand how I’ll be able to isolate how many miles I’ve done in an allotted amount of time. Here’s how I’ve interpreted the directions in that Mileage article.

(By the way, I LOVE that you can just copy/paste snips in here, brilliant bit of coding there, well done DEV!)

Now, is there a way I can add a line to a purchase that’s not linked to a financial value? As in “Miles” or would I input a total of £5.85 for that line?

Thank you,


QuickFile doesn’t natively have any mileage recording functions built in, so there isn’t a way to find out how many miles you’ve done over a certain period. QuickFile is more for the accounting of the money owed or money spent on fuel.

I would personally try to separate the fuel out of the networking invoice to help track it easier. If you have a dedicated supplier (e.g., the article uses an example of “Approved Mileage”), then you could view all invoices just for that one supplier over a period. That would at least give you an idea.

Unfortunately not. Although I’m aware of some mileage apps in development that may help with the tracking of this. One that comes to mind is @SQKaccountancy’s, but there may be others. It’s an open forum, so someone may want to add to that list :wink:

It’s a really nice feature :+1:. It certainly makes explaining things much easier. If you’re interested, QuickFile forums uses Discourse.


I’ll look at @SQKaccountancy 's page… had to google it because they’re http://www.sqkaccountancy.co.uk/ - NOT .com but what’s a TLD between friends? I’ve asked for a call back.
But really, recording Mileage has GOT to be a standard feature, please can dev expedite this otherwise I have to look for another software because this multiple line weird input method can’t be maintained.


We can certainly consider things like this, but most features are added based on demand. Would you please start a new thread in the “Feature” category, and we’ll monitor interest in this going forward?


How do you create Business Networking as a category as I have only been able to use the standard list from the dropdown options?


Hi @AnythingLegal

You can create custom nominal codes by going to Reports >> Chart of Accounts, and clicking Create new nominal code at the top.


As a side @AnythingLegal you can also set the default Category against a supplier which is well handy. It’s one less dropdown to do so its useful. I’ve created different suppliers for each Networking Group (although its one chain) which may come in useful somehow down the line.