How can I add a second address for customer

I have customer with more then one property so i carry out work on so when estimate or invoice Billing address work carried out address how can you do this in quick file ?

Hi @Smartkleen

Each client can only have one address. However, you can change the add during the invoice creation process:

What you could do, is if you do this the first time, you could then copy the invoice when it comes to issuing the next one:

Hope that helps!

Well it on address for client different job address billing address one or you could delivery address?

There’s no way to record a delivery address and billing address, but there are workarounds.

You may also wish to add your vote to this topic.

Your other options may be to utilise the invoice name field or to use the notes box on the invoice itself to add an additional address. The notes box can be moved in Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation:

Hope that helps - apologies if I’ve not quite understood correctly.

I created additional items with delivery addresses and then can copy them into notes below - I have a client who delivers to number of different locations for the same customer.

I think however that this is something important that is missing in quickfile.

Are you working on improvements of the systems, implementing various requests or should I not expect e.g. different delivery addresses to be added to contacts?



Hi @Daniel_Jaworski

We’re continually working on improvements within QuickFile, and we do take feature requests (check out the ‘Feature’ category in the forum). We monitor the demand for features including the interest shown by community members who can comment on feature request topics.

There is already a request open for delivery addresses which I’d recommend you add your vote to (simply commenting is fine). You can view the request here

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