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How can I export a journal?

Is it possible to export Journals to a CSV file. I want to combine a Journal report from QuickBooks with a Journal report from Quickfile into a single file for loading into an old MS Accounts desktop application but can’t see a facility to do a Journal download from QuickFile.

I know a download can be done from the Chart of Accounts of journal lines, but it’s coming down with the journal lines not always in consecutive order, and there’s no easy way of aligning all the DRs and CRs that make up a journal entry so that I can prepare it for input into another application.

Is there any Journal report that would download the journals with a journal number so that the download file could be sorted in Excel and all the appropriate DRs and CRs for each journal be identified and be grouped together?

If not, are there any plans to develop such a report?

Many thanks.

Hi @PaulQQQ

You can export a journal from QuickFile by going to the Journal list (Reports >> Journals), and click the little “Export” button on the line of the journal you want to export.

That should give you the journal details and the DRs and CRs associated with it.

Hope that helps?

Hi Mathew, thanks for your quick reply.

However when I follow your advice the report I get only has three columns - DATE JOURNALNAME ITEMCOUNT, the same as the first three columns you see on the screen.

What it doesn’t give me is the CR/DR detail of each journal along with date, narrative and if available a unique journal number that I could use to link all the lines in each journal together so that I know what lines make up each particular journal entry.

I don’t know if you have any thoughts further on this…many thanks again in the meantime.


Hi @PaulQQQ

Just to double check, are you using this “export” option?

This should give you a journal export matching the journal itself:


The Journals.csv file in a full account backup gives you a single list of all the journal lines across all journals, but it doesn’t distinguish between different journals on the same date (it only has columns for date, reference, notes, amount plus or minus, and nominal code).

Hi Mathew, thanks again and I’ve tried that - it’s ok for one or two journals, but what I’d like to do is a full download of all journals for, say, a year.

What would be most useful would be if, say, the Nominals Transaction report (in detailed mode) under Chart of Accounts could also distinguish between different journals on the same day - possibly by adding some sort of unique system-internal journal number even if the number is not normally displayed on the screen. At the moment all the CRs and DRs for journals on the same day are mixed up and this is what’s causing the problem - I’d like to be able to separate them by journal so that I can see consecutively a list of DR/CRs for each journal and know by a field in each line which journal that line belongs to … effectively what I’m looking for is a ‘journal number’ column in the report.

Ian Robert’s reply after yours acknowledges what’s missing. (Thanks Ian)

Thanks again,

Hi Ian,

Many thanks … please see my comment in the response from Mathew above … I think you identify what is missing that I’m looking for here.

One question - you mention the journals.csv file - is this the same as the Nominal Transactions CSV download available under the Chart of Accounts report or is it something else?

If it’s something else - could you tell me how I access it?

thank you,

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