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How can I reset my account?


I initially started using Quick File for invoicing only as I am inexperienced at book keeping and a sole trader, initially with easily kept day books. I then got busier and added the integration with bank account and paypal.
However, I didn’t then keep up with allocation of payments reconciled to invoices and it’s all become a bit of a mess!
I’d like to start afresh, so my question is, can I reset and begin from zero on my tax year start, but keep my listed customers details and purchasers and bank account integration without having to start again with all that? I have gone too far with unallocated payments to ever have a hope of working it all out.

Thanks, Dawn


Hi @dawnherb

We do have an option to remove the data from accounts, and also to leave suppliers and clients in place.

We have a guide on this here: How do I clear my account?

This would however remove any previous data on the account, so it’s worth bearing this in mind and making sure you have copies of the files and figures.


Thanks very much, that’s just what I needed. I can now start afresh.


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