How can I reuse an invoice number?

I wonder how to remove deleted invoices, as sometimes I get message that invoice already in use

You should not delete an invoice, if you you want to make it nil issue a credit note

I wonder how to remove invoices as my work platform use diferent invoice numbers and by mistake ive use standard, when I try fix that I get message that name was in use, try use other name

as am on one of transport platforms and there we make invoices for difrent customers and that they apear on bank statement. sometimes I just forget to change number and next number its added automaticly, than after removing I can’t use a proper invoice name for payment

You need to have unique invoice number, if it is something you cannot maintain then you should not delete automatic numbering instead use supplier ref for additional ref to match bank statement

ok thank you for reply

How do you create a unique invoice number ? I am new to quickfile but not new to business so 0001 is not suitable. Can I continue to use my own system

When you create a new invoice you can simply type the invoice number in that you require. The next time you create an invoice the next number in the sequence is automatically used.

The knowledge base has lots of info and guides and is worth a look, e.g.

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