How do I activate my bank feed?

I tried live feeds before but removed it as I have 2 QF accounts and 2 Bank Accounts, the browser seems to get confused.

Is it possible to do live feeds when as described above?

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Hi @John_Charnock1

It is possible to get a live feed, but it depends on the method you use.

We offer 2 main types of feeds -

We also offer direct a direct feed for Revolut.

The chrome plugin requires you to access the bank directly, so the information will only be as up to date as when you view it.

The Yodlee feed is more up to date and can be updated from within your QuickFile account. Depending on your setup with your bank, you can automate these updates, which take place around 3am each morning.

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I have enabled and paid for Yodlee, is that all I have to do ?

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Once it’s set up on your account, you need to enable it for the actual bank. There’s instructions here:

Setting up a bank feed

I have paid for it and received an email to confirm. However

, when I go to activate I see this again

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You may need to log out and back in for it to take effect.

Sorted thanks, I was looking at the wrong accunt


I have set up the feed on both of my accounts and it is polling; however, nothing is getting imported into QF. Are there any logs available ?

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Yes. If you go to More Options >> Bank Feed Details, you will see the date we last polled the account, along with any data we pulled in.

What bank are you with? If you manually refresh the feed, does it ask you for any security details (e.g. a one time code)?

Yes the date is there, it has polled for the last two evenings. I am with Nat West - how do I manually refresh the feed ?

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With NatWest (plus a few other banks), the transactions are a few days behind due to the way they process their transactions. This was added as a result of feedback during the testing stage of the feeds. There’s more details on this here.

However, to answer your question about a manual refresh, you can simply click “Refresh bank Feed”:

This doesn’t override the above restriction, but it will ensure all possible transactions are pulled in for you.

Refresh resut

Hi @John_Charnock1

I’ve located your account and tried the refresh from my end. I’m unsure why you received that error, but the refresh does appear to have gone through all OK now. That said, all transactions were detected as duplicates so they won’t appear in your bank statement, but rather in the “Yodlee Raw Data” tab, once you go into the feed details (More Options >> Bank Feed Details).

It should poll automatically going forward, but please do let us know if you experience any further issues.

I’l give it another 24 hours, I am sure there a valid transactions for the 18 and 19th that should be pulled down

As I mentioned above, there is a delay on the feed due to the way Natwest process their transactions. Transactions from the 18th may not appear for another day or so yet. But please do keep an eye on it, and if there’s anything unexpected - please let us know.

I tried again this morning, nothing cam in overnight and I ran a manual refresh form the 18th. No transactions found

To be fair it’s still been only two working days since the 18th, hopefully it should sync up on Monday.

If it only syncs with a 48 hours lag then it’s no use to me as an automatic feed, I want up to date information not historic.

Indeed, it’s annoying that NatWest operate like this when other banks do the much more sensible thing of only showing outgoing card payments on their main transaction list once they have finally settled, rather than showing the same transaction with different details depending when you look.

I have suggested to QuickFile before that if there is a way they can identify those transactions where the description is likely to change maybe they could delay only those specific transactions, but import known-stable ones like incoming faster payments immediately. I guess for most businesses you care more about knowing exactly when your customers have paid you (if it’s pay before shipping, etc) and less about exactly when you paid your suppliers.

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I don’t understand why this does not work, I can download the data so I know it is there. Most of my bank transactions are transfers to my other Nat West accounts so they go immediately, the question of clearance does not come int play.

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