Natwest Yodlee bank feed delay

Hi guys,
I just uploaded all my transactions since begin of July. Yodlee uploaded 310 transactions - but only until 4th of August (I have done it 9th of August - so 5 days missing).
Then I have uploaded these 5 days manually from csv.
Today is 11th of August - so transactions from 10th should be visible - but it’s not there. bank feed is progressing - then - msg: no transactions

any idea why?

With the Natwest and RBS feed there is a 4-5 day delay on importing transactions. This is due to the way Natwest modify their card payment descriptions as they go through a 3 day clearing window. As Yodlee cannot know 100% that the description changes in fact relate to the same item, they send both entries in the feed. The only way for us to avoid duplication therefore is to delay the feed so only fully cleared items will import to QuickFile.

ok, thanks
how long it will take, you think?

The feed runs once every 24 hours at around 1 am GMT. If you recheck your account tomorrow morning you should see some new entries.

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