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How do I activate my bank feed?


Thanks for confirming! I can see that the delay is now disabled.

I’ve just done a quick check, and I’ve done a refresh. How long ago did you try it to take the above screenshot?

Yodlee only allows a refresh once every 20 minutes, but I’ve just managed to do a refresh and pull in some transactions for you from 25/04.



One of my QF accounts seems to be working Ok, the other has not downloaded anything since the 3 May.



Hello @John_Charnock1

Would you kindly help me and tell me which account you’re having the issue with please? If you could just let me know the last 3 digits of your QuickFile account number, I should be able to find it from that.

Can I also confirm with you that you’re not seeing any transactions when manually refreshing? Are you seeing any errors?




Manual refresh does not seem to detect anything.


@John_Charnock1 - I’ve manually refreshed your account and imported a few transactions successfully. Can you check and confirm please?

Did you see any error messages when you tried this?


No, but when I logged in just, it seems to have downloaded. Did you do anything ?


I did a manual refresh a short while ago - yes, but this was about 1-2 hours ago as I wanted to ensure it did complete successfully.


It seems to be working Ok; however transactions do seem to be delayed. Logged on this morning and an entry for the 22 May appeared on my account. That is a 4 day delay.


If you have the feed delay disabled, we will import all transactions that Yodlee send us for your account, providing they’re not duplicates.

What is your duplicate policy set to at the moment? Are the delayed transactions showing in the raw Yodlee data tab?

For example, if your duplicate policy is set to date and value, if you have 2 transactions for the same date and value (in two different imports), we’ll only import the one. The other would still show in the raw Yodlee data tab though (More Options >> Bank Feed Settings)


The settings are NOT to delay

There is only one transaction with a transaction date of 22/05

The feed log says it was imported 25/05

Policy is Consider duplicate if date and amount match



Does the missing transaction show up in the Raw Yodlee Data tab? This is accessible from More Options >> Bank Feed Details:

Based on your duplicate policy, if the transaction had the same value and date as another, it may have been flagged as a duplicate, so it’s important to check here too.


There is only one transaction for that amount so there is no possibility for a duplicate


Was the missing transaction definitely showing on your account before it was imported?

We don’t skip or ignore any transactions, we will import everything Yodlee provides us. Providing the transaction is showing on your online account, Yodlee should pick this up and send it in.


Yes, it was there a few days ago. I have been tracking it to see how long it takes.


Thank you for your patience here @John_Charnock1. It does seem that Yodlee didn’t send us this transaction until 25th. I have referred this to Yodlee to see if they can give us any further details as to why this was and will let you know if I hear back from them.

If you notice this in the future, please can you let us know as soon as you notice it’s missing as this enables us to test it further at that specific time?


Will do. thnaks