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How do I activate my bank feed?


@John_Charnock1 - Just to let you know that you can remove the delay on the feed if you prefer. You can find out more at the link below:


Thanks, I’ll give it a try and let you know the outcome.


The evidence suggests something is happening, however, nothing is getting imported into my bank nominal account.


Hello @John_Charnock1

Are the transactions showing in the raw Yodlee data tab? And if so, are they highlighted?



yes , I wa slooking at the import time not the transaction time, I have not checked the bank accout but I was expeting to see more. I’ll check online


Just checked my statement on line and there are 5 transactions missing


And just to confirm - they are not showing in the raw Yodlee log, and neither do they appear if you manually refresh the feed? Is that correct?


They are not in the log and I ahve not tried a manual refresh


Can you please try a manual refresh to see if it gives you any errors (e.g. NatWest may be showing an error for your account which may be preventing the data from being accessed).

This be done by going to More Options >> Refresh Bank Feed. This will also give you an option to enter a “start date” to fill any gaps (if your bank permits it)


refreshed , but it didn’t see the transactions


@John_Charnock1 - Apologies for the delay here, I’m been discussing this with a colleague to see exactly what’s going on.

With the 5 missing transactions, NatWest show these for the 30th April but are showing them as “Pending”. It’s likely they’ll appear in the next few days when they show them again, but as “Posted” rather than “Pending”, and likely with a different description.


I thought he tick-box option had eliminated the delay in down loading, does this mean there will always be a 24 hr delay ?


Nothing downloaded last night, same 5 transactions and possibly more are missing.


@John_Charnock1 - These transactions are still showing as Pending. Have they cleared on your online banking?

We have however overridden this on this occasion so they now appear in your account.


My other company account isn’t updating, that 7 days behind current.


Hi @John_Charnock1

I believe I’ve located your account (ending 952). The delay is still enabled for this account. Would you mind disabling it and doing a manual refresh please?


The delay isn’t enabled


@John_Charnock1 - what’s the last 3 digits of your QuickFile account number?

I have found 2 accounts for you - one with a delay enabled, and one without. The one with it enabled, as I mentioned above, ends in 952.



That is the correct account but whenI view it, it delay is not enabled