How do I contact Quickfile?

What is the email address to contact the Quickfile Support team?

The QuickFile team actively monitor this forum, so your best bet is to post here.

What do you need help with? Perhaps someone from the community (including myself) could help?

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Norman Longstaff
I started quickfile in March I have a paid for version
BUT I can no longer login. I need URGENT HELP to get back on.
The Georgian Window my email used by this company to login
is removed
But for days now I just get this message

  • Too many unsuccessful login attempts made, please retry in 5 minutes.
    It never goes away this has gone on since Tuesday
    PLEASE HELP By fixing this… for me ABSOLUTELY STUCK
    I have to do my VAT Please help by resolving this.

Hi @Norman_Longstaff

I replied to you yesterday in the private message. You can find this by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner and then clicking the little envelope icon.

For security, we won’t discuss any account details in the public forum.

Likewise, I’ve removed your email address from your post as your post is public.

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