How do I download all my supplier data, including web address?

can i download all the supplier and client data including the links to there home pages?

Hi @pelican

Performing an account back up will generate a CSV with all the data we hold on your account, including a list of suppliers and their details:
Create a data backup schedule

and this includes the supplier home page link?

Please accept my apologies - this field isn’t included, but I’ve asked for it to be added. We’ll let you know when this has been done but unfortunately I can’t give any timescales at present.

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Hi @pelican, there was a similar subject drafted by @pwrmedia perhaps add your vote to the topic Advanced Supplier Search

no mention of the home supplier/customer page link

Perhaps not, but you could use the feature request as a basis for initiating a further feature request with the other fields that you want included.

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