How do I record the HMRC Grant?

Where & how should i enter the HMRC grant we have recieved?

Also we have recieved a Bounce Back Loan where should we enter this?


Hi @Daza1001

If it’s the Small Business Grant, this thread should help: Small Business Grant Funding
If it’s the furlough grant, this should help: Payroll processing for furloughed employees due to COVID-19

Regarding bounce back loan, as it has to be repaid, you would treat it like any other loan: How do I record the bounce back loan?

Hope this helps

Thankyou for that Mathew

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I don’t believe the op is referring to furlough. Sounds more like SEISS.

Which goes down as msic income.

Spot on @Paul_Courtier.

@Daza1001 - If it is a SEISS grant, then the first link (“Small Business Grant Funding”) would be the more relevant topic.

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