How to disable online payments for clients


I want to disable online payments for the majority of my clients as they pay via BACS. I have been into each client account and into modify client details and ticked the disable payment option for both PayPal and GoCardless where necessary (not all clients will be disabled).

However, if I log into some of the the customer accounts, it is still showing and allowing them to pay using either of these systems.

How do I make sure that these are not available?


Disabling payment options is set at a client level. So you would need to manually disable for each client in the client settings area.

You can easily disable all payment options in the “manage payment options” area by removing all the integrations you have. Although I think in your case you want to leave this available for certain clients.

Hi Glenn

Have done that but client can still see ‘Pay Online’ button when they click an invoice and they still see:

@dawnjlane please leave this with me I will ask an engineer to review this tomorrow morning (Tuesday). It does appear that your settings are not persisting. I will report back as soon as this has been thoroughly checked.

We’ve introduced a fix here so any disabled payment options will now persist. Bare in mind that when you apply the restrictions at the client level it won’t automatically restrict payment options for invoices already issued, just invoices raised after the restrictions are applied. You can however still go into the “pay online” option for a given invoice within your administrator area and manually disable options by clicking the delete button.

If you get stuck, give me a shout.

Many thanks. Will shout if further help needed.


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