How to do a Bulk purchase entry in a foreign currency follow up

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Back in Nov 2013 I asked if we could change the currencies in the bulk entry, Joe said it was not then available but thought it was something that might be able to done in the future. I see its still not an option even as a power user, i get so many invoices in EUR, USD, AUD and even NZD. It would really be helpful if this function could be included. Is this something other users would find useful if so please chip in :smile:


I’m afraid there’s no movement on this as yet. We try to prioritise development based on those features that are requested the most, I’m afraid right now this is just not something that comes up that often on our forum.

We are planning to look at enhancing the multi-currency capabilities later this year so I will see if this can be considered as part of that development.


I see your old request was automatically closed. I’ve change the settings on this one so it doesn’t get closed and others can add their vote/comment.

Thanks Glenn,
When we set up a supplier or client we are asked to select the currency for that client? Is there anyway to connect the bulk payment under that client to that currency as a sort of quick fix, because theoretically the only currency that should be showing is that currency you selected when you set the client up? Its just that i have 72 AUD invoices and the supplier has been set up as an AUD account?

Cheers for the updates as well the system is looking good.

The problem isn’t so much the automatic selection. It’s the stuff that happens under the covers within QF when creating foreign currency invoices. There is an additional layer of complexity with foreign currency invoices that includes processing exchange rates and normalising everything to GBP, working out currency loss/gains etc. A foreign currency invoice always stores the value in currency and the equivalent value in GBP (the base currency).

I’m sure we will have the opportunity to look at this in time and I shall update you should there be any movement here.

Thanks Glenn, Fair enough, I must admit that I did had a feeling it might not be that simple. I’ll look forward to your notification in due course.

Hi Glenn

I would find this a very useful feature too, that would save me time on my Euro transactions.

So that’s 2 of now!!

Anyone else?


HI Glenn,
Any movement on the foreign currency bulk purchase entry function?

It’s not something we have had a chance to look at yet but it does remain on our planned list of features.

Could I add that this functionality would also be useful with the ‘import’ purchase invoices option. I use the import function alot but it cannot handle purchases in anything other than the base currency.

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+1 for this.
Also another option is to make a bulk action to change the currency of the invoices. So we could import drafts as GBP and change them to any currency afterwards.

Still as keen as I was back in 2013 to get this function, if you can make it happen it would be fantastic!

I can confirm that the work is in progress and this should be ready by midweek.


@damndit, @Adrian_Maudsley, @mickcox, @expertoswp Just to let you know, we now support foreign currencies on the multi invoice entry form for both sales and purchases.

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@Glenn your development goes faster than my accounting… :slight_smile:
This is amazing!

Why didn´t find you 2 years ago? :smiley:

Thank you!

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Thank you Glenn, much appreciated.

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Hi @Glenn could you create a new feature request to have this on the import data?

It would be great to be able to select the currency for all the imports made for an account

Hi @expertoswp

I’ve reopened the following thread, we will track interest in this going forward.

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I am still definitely interested!!

Is a must having full multi-currency support including end year valuations / gains/loss as is a requirement for reporting under new FRS 105 for micro-entities

@cosmor - I just wanted to clarify if your post was intended for this topic?

The above request (bulk purchase entry in a foreign currency) was implemented some time ago. We also support the recording of currency loss and gains.

Please let us know if you require any help with these features, although you may wish to start a new thread.