How to export all the purchase information?

in 2014, Charlene asked about exporting purchases with all the details for better and deeper analysis. I can’t see in the “backup” the way to have those details. the CSV file only show the first line of the purchases. is there another way to export all purchases with the details of each items in order to make financial analysis?
( like exporting the QFnumber, the date, the supplier, the items, the qt the VAT value, the EXVAT value for each line in the purchase)

thank you

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You can’t export a multiline invoice in a CSV file as it’s a flat file type, explained in more detail here.

You could write a program to work against our API, this would allow you to pull all the header and item line information in a structured XML document.

API: Purchase Methods

Would you know anyone who did the program development before?
in other words how can I contact other users?
thank you

I’m not aware of anyone who has build an application specifically to do that. Although this is a public forum so anyone can view and respond to this post.

What sort of analysis did you want to perform at the item level, perhaps the data can be queried within QuickFile itself?

Hi Glenn,

What I am looking for is a way to have the list of invoices with all the items listed.

It could be a table showing the following

Receipt No, Receipt date, Due Date, Supplier ID, Category, Description, VAT value, Total Value

This will allow me to do stats on the category and on the description.

For exemple… I created a purchase (QF00372) with 3 items all in category “Food stock purchased” but with 3 differents Descriptions (Bread, Milk, Fruit)
The idea would be to have the following export:

QF00372 SUP0000027 03/02/2015 05/03/2015 Food stock purchased BREAD 0.00 11.83
QF00372 SUP0000027 03/02/2015 05/03/2015 Food stock purchased MILK 0.00 1.78
QF00372 SUP0000027 03/02/2015 05/03/2015 Food stock purchased FRUIT 0.00 5.92

etc… for all invoices within a period



We can certainly consider this if it becomes a more popular request. I am going to convert this thread to a feature request so we can track it in future.

In the mean time, the advanced search description field will allow you to isolate all invoices where a line item contains a specific word or string of text.

Also if you post items to different nominal codes (categories) you can drill down on the usage from the chart of accounts area.

Thank you ! Great !


Is that option to downloads more details fo invoices still under consideration ?
a simple extraction from your DB table would do, we can always manipulate them with XLS or other DB system.

Thank you




As you can see from the posts above, unfortunately there hasn’t been any further interest in this feature. Most of our features are developed based on community feedback, but due to time and resources constraints the more sought after features are the ones we investigate further and possibly develop.

As @Glenn points out above, we do have an extensive API which would allow you to pull more data from your invoices on QuickFile than what the back up displays. Since your post above however, we have introduced a new ‘Marketplace’ category on the forums, so if you did want to find a developer to help, you’re more than welcome to post a request there

a down load CSV of all the data from invoices estimates and P/O would be useful