How to link quickfile to my stripe account

I have a stripe account which I use to take card payments.

I want to give my customers to the option to by credit card using stripe via quicfile invoice
I followed these instructions:

However I’m completely lost, I have managed to activate stripe, but the Admin system didn’t ask me for my stripe details. So my question is how am I going to get payments in my stripe account?

It seems either I’m not understanding how to link stripe or the tutorial isn’t complete

Please advice

Hi @Mak2202

Were you already logged into Stripe before making the connection? If so, it may be that it took you straight to your account.

Under Account Settings >> Manage Payment Methods, you should see Stripe. If it’s showing with a “cancel” option, like the screenshot below, then it would be linked:

I think your write, I just need someone to pay me using stripe so I can be sure