How to modify purchase category after submitted VAT return?

Hi all

Currently doing our year-end-returns and my accountant has requested that I modify some purchase categories, as he wasn’t happy with my initial choice.

I just tried to do this by the system won’t let me claiming the below

" This transaction has been locked as it relates to a previously [submitted VAT return]. You can continue to log payments against this invoice but you cannot change the amount or items."

Can someone please help me amend these despite the above?

Many thanks!

Hello @tsomek

Once transactions are VAT locked, you are best off not changing them as it involves rolling back VAT returns.

You can move the values needed between codes by using journals (your accountant can help you with this or article below).

Dear Steve

Many thanks for your response.

This seems rather complex and unfortunately my accountant doesn’t seem happy at all about this.

Is there perhaps a more user-friendly way of correcting the codes?

Many thanks again

Hello @tsomek

There’s not unfortunately.

Everything needs checking prior to the return being submitted.

You could rollback the return to make the changes but this process is more complex than doing a journal.

Here’s a post explaining what to do - How can I undo a Rolled back VAT return

It is possible to re-code items even on locked purchases, as long as the year as a whole hasn’t yet been locked by a year end journal.

You need to find the items in the nominal account where they are currently coded - there are various ways to do this, there’s a “more options” option to view the nominal entries for a single purchase, or if you’re looking to re-code a whole load of similar items then it’s easier to click through to the relevant code from your P&L or balance sheet and then search for the relevant transactions by date. However you do it, once you’ve found the nominal transactions you can select their checkboxes at the left side, then use the “move to new code” button at the top.

There are some limitations as to which codes you can move to, if the one you want isn’t offered then I’m afraid the only option will be to move the balance in bulk with a journal.

that did the trick - thank you!

To summarise for me (and perhaps other users in the future) basically I

  • went into my P&L (under reports)
  • clicked on the zoom button of “General Purchases” (because the items I want to modify are classed as that)
  • then select all items that I want to change the code for
  • finally click “Move to new code”
  • Done!
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