How to Pay UK VAT from GBP account and French VAT (TVA) from EURO account

Hi! We are currently using Quickbooks 2016 Premier Desktop and we are finding it falls short in the Multi Currency area, in that it has NOT the capability to create a Tax Agency for French VAT (TVA) in EUROS to be paid from a EURO Bank Account.

It creates a Tax Agency UK VAT in GBP to be paid from a GBP Bank Account with no problems, but as we now sell more than €35,000 (their VAT threshold) in FRANCE and are paid in EUROs, we no longer have the easy option of paying TAX to the UK Tax office but have to pay the French Tax Office direct in EUROs from a EURO Bank Account. There is no way of doing this in Quickbooks.

Can this software create 2 different tax agencies UK in GBP and French in EUR?
Also is it possible to import a Quickbooks file to make life easier on changing from Quickbooks?


Hi @jeffreylewis

There’s no native support for non-UK taxes (such as the French VAT), but it can be handled, albeit with a little bit of a workaround.

This post covers Dutch VAT, but the concept would be similar: VAT payment to Dutch government

If you’re just starting with QuickFile, the best thing to do is import a trial balance. We have a guide on how to do this from Quickbooks to QuickFile, here.

I hope that helps?

Thanks you very very much. I have spent a long time on the so called Quickbooks helpline to no avail.
I need to move online anyway and from all the software companies I have contacted this is the only one I have received a sensible answer from. Thanks for the help. Regards
Jeffrey Lewis