How to setup a Mortgage / Property Nominal correctly

ive read how to setup a loan thread here, but it seems to not work properly or throw in a few issues if using it for a property

situation 1.
ltd company has just purchased a property with a mortgage.
the deposit was paid from the ltd company bank account, all associated solicitor fees, stamp duty etc.

there was not a lump sum deposited in the company bank account as it was not a re mortgage, it was a new purchase.

how do i correctly setup this new asses, and tag or associate the interest only repaymentts coming out every month?

situation 02:
in the existing account, there is some property without a mortgage or loan. this has been setup (correctly or incorrectly) as

in Assets and liabilities, code 0018, Capital Exp ‘property name’.
all associated capital expenses have been put in here, purchase, solicitor, stamp etc.

Hello @adnw

There are a few posts about mortgages in the forum which may help.

It would be best to speak to your accountant for tailored professional advice on the specifics of your query.

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