How to submit a VAT Return for a prior period after signing up to MTD


I have signed my client up for MTD and submitted the QE 30.6.19 all ok through the Affinity Platform using Agent Services Account details.

It now transpires that the QE 31.3.19 was “saved” only and the figures were not reported to HMRC.

HMRC need me to file this VAT Return but I can no longer file through the Government Gateway as carried out in the past as I have signed the client up to MTD.

I can not see an option either on QuickFile to submit this VAT Return.

Can QuickFile help me with submitting this VAT Return or will I need to purchase third party bridging software?

Many thanks

Hi @HBCounters,

If your client is set up for MTD, then you will need to link their QuickFile account to the government gateway account, this guide should explain how to do it, just make sure that you are linking as an agent: HMRC Tax Accounts - MTD Returns

Hi QFBeth

Thank you for your response.
The client is set up for MTD and the QuickFile is linked to HMRC via my Agent Services Account.
I did this before submitting the VAT Return to 30.6.19 under MTD direct from QuickFile.

My query is that I need to go back and submit VAT Return for QE 31.3.19 as it was not submitted at the time in error.
QuickFile is showing this VAT Return as Saved but no option to re-open or submit.

As the client is registered for MTD, I also no longer have the option to log in to HMRC Online Services and file by completing the boxes manually.

Any suggestions?


Hi @HBCounters

If the VAT return is showing as “Saved”, you would need to roll it back in first, and then re-run it. Providing HMRC is connected all OK, you can then re-run the VAT return and submit it at the same time.

You can roll back returns but as I understand it you have to do this in chronological order, so you’ll need to

  • roll back the 30.06.19 one, making a note of the values in all the boxes
  • roll back the 31.03.19 one
  • submit the 31.03.19 return
  • “save” the 30.06.19 one again, possibly with some manual adjustments if QuickFile’s calculations don’t agree with what you previously submitted (e.g. if you added additional purchases dated before 30.06.19 after you had originally submitted that return)
  • if you did have to adjust when re-saving the June return, you’ll then have to apply the inverse adjustments when you come to submit the next return after the end of September, to make sure everything is accounted for once and nothing twice.
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Hi Mathew

Thank you for your post. How do I re-run the VAT Return?
When I click on the VAT Return it only gives me th option to Download Calculations.

Thank you

Sorry for any confusion - you would roll back the original. You would then just recreate it as if you were running it for the first time. On the VAT Return page, click “Create New Return” and go through the same process again.

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