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How to submit first vat

How to submit first vat, i am registered with hmrc, ive completed vat form and it says submitted. now what
Thanks Linda

Hi Linda,

Before you are able to submit your first return you have to make sure that all of your settings are correct. You may find this guide useful.

HMRC Tax Accounts - MTD Returns

Once all your settings are correct and you have submitted your return it will show as Submitted on the main page and you will also have a reference from HMRC. If you are seeing the word Saved then this means it has not been submitted. You will need to roll back the return and try the process again from Reports > HMRC

Hope this helps

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Hi, have followed instructions,up to preview, click says i have a return saved, now stuck, thanks Linda

Hi @Linda_Blofield,

If you have a return for that period already saved you will be able to see this when you go to Reports > VAT Returns

You’ll need to go into the return and then ‘Roll it back’ there is a button at the bottom of the return to do this.

Hi, Thank you, all done, just had to use rollback.Linda

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