HSBC Bank Feed process

Hi Glenn,

trying to set up the bank feed for HSBC do you have a step by step process that i can follow

Only this guide, but the process is much the same for all accounts:

Bank Feed Plugin: How to use - The Basics

Fill out the settings, login, navigate to a statement view and look out for the export to Quick File button. You then need to go into your Quick File account to accept the feed.

Hi Glenn,

its saying my bank feed plugin is deactivated on chrome…i updated my browser, how do i reactivate this

also I am re branding my new name…I assume I will have to open a new Affinity account


If you go to the extensions page in chrome chrome://extensions/. You can click the checkbox to enable or disable the Chrome bank feed plugin.

I can change the company name on the Affinity account if required? Not sure if there’s anything else you need to modify?

I think it is broken at the moment, they seem to have changed the log in procedure and the plug in is not coming up (Chrome) . But it does then try to fill in details before I have entered the one time code which causes an error.

If you check the extensions area in Chrome (see previous instructions) can you tell me what version you are running (should be 1.14)? I just tested again on 1.14 and the panel comes up…everything seems to work fine.

Yep 1.14 and yes it is working now! Was broken yesterday and earlier today. Honest!

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Hi Glen, Ill open a new one as I have a new email address too, thanks

Now when I go to the HSBC log in the QF plug in offers Setting or Log in but no statement download?

See my last post here:

The button that logs in and imports from the recent transactions had to be withdrawn following HSBC’s updates. You can however still use the Log in button manually navigate to the recent transactions and you’ll see an ‘Export to Quick File’ button.

Hi I’m new to quick file and I have downloaded the chrome file extension for the HSBC bank feed but I have no option whilst in my internet banking to Export to Quick File. I have followed the instructions even logged in via the quick file bank feeds button. Where am I going wrong?

When you go to the login page on HSBC do you see the banner at the top to enter your settings? See the link below:

I get the banner when I open HSBC via the bank feeds button. I just get a settings and log in options

Did you complete the settings? The export button would appear only if all the relevant settings have been entered.

I have completed the settings and enabled the feed settings. Once I have logged on the banner dissappears

The banner should disappear after the first screen but once you’ve logged on you should be able to go to recent transactions (assuming there are any) or historical statements and the Export to Quick File button should be visible next to the button that you normally use for downloading to CSV.

I’ve just tested and it’s working fine on my account. I should also add that it will not work on personal HSBC accounts, just business accounts.

It is a Business account. I have now found the quick file button it says it has exported the file and to log on to quick file. Do I then need to to do any on my account on quick file because I can’t see any imported statements. Sorry I really am a newbie at this .

I am however able to download as CSV and then import the file that way. as long as I can do that I’m happy saves me a lot of work. Thank you Glen for your help :smile:

I can see 3 files came over from HSBC but none of them had any records on there. I think you’re 90% there, just maybe you picked a period with no transactions? What would normally happen is you’d then log into your Quick File dashboard and a notification would appear to say that a new bank feed is ready to be imported, you then following the instructions to import to your bank account.

Hi Glen

I have a client who banks with HSBC. It seems due to HSBC’s recent updates, another accounting software provider is stuggling with HSBC automatic bank feeds.

I personally don’t use HSBC for my business so not sure how their business banking work.

My client informs me that HSBC allow him to export manually the bank statement at the end of the month rather than as and when required. He now exports/dowloads them once a month and uploads it to the accounting system.

My question is - do quickfile provide automatic bank feeds for HSBC?

If not, then doe the chrome plug in allow more frequent import of statements? ie. once every month?

Your guidance on this will be very much appreciated.

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