HSBC feed not seeing transaction

Hi, HSBC have updated their online banking (not sure if this is causing the issue) and now its not importing info in to QuickFile. I can see a transaction I made this morning on the HSBC site but when I refresh the feed in QuickFile it doesnt see it. Any ideas?

Hi @Pictoreal,

Are you using an Open Banking or a Yodlee Feed? and are you seeing any errors when you refresh?

Hi, its Yodlee Feed, no errors. Refresh as normal and then says no transactions

Hi @Pictoreal,

It is not always instant so may not appear until later in the day as Yodlee needs to log in to the bank each time to check so has a limit on the amount of times it actually connects to avoid logging in too many times.

If it is a current account it may be worth you trying an Open Banking feed as this is constant link with the bank so transactions should be pulled through if you manually refresh.

OK. What do I need to do to set up Open Banking?

Hi @Pictoreal,

There is a guide to Open Banking feeds here: Managing Open Banking Feeds

You will need to remove the yodlee feed before you will be able to link the Open Banking feed. You also need to make sure that in the bank account settings you have selected HSBC from the drop down menu

Thanks, I will give it a go :slight_smile:

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