HSBC PDF Statements import


Sorry I am a newbie.

Does anyone know how to import the HSBC PDF statements ? I have had a look at a discussion from 2012 that talks about using notepad++ but that doesn’t work on these statements as there are no “\r\n” signs in these statements.

Is there a feed of some sort ?


I’m afraid there is no way to directly import PDF statements.

PDFs don’t contain structured data so any import would involve you extracting the data from the PDF and putting it into some tabular format like CSV. Probably the cleanest way to do this is to select all text and paste it into Excel, Open Office or some other spreadsheet software. You would then just need to cleanup all the extra rows and columns. Aim to reduce it to 3 columns… date (dd/mm/yyyy), description and amount (+ or -).

Do you have a personal HSBC account? I am surprised that HSBC still don’t allow their customers to download in CSV format?

Hi Glenn

Yes its a personal Account.

They say its their “policy” so I am not sure its changing anytime soon.

The format I get after copying from PDF is :smile:18-Dec

Balance brought forward

Company ltd


Any idea how I can change this into importable format ?


If you upgrade to a HSBC business account they will give you CSV files which can be directly imported. It will save you a lot of time.

I’m sorry I’m not sure I can help you with translating that file, it really depends on what software you’re using and I have no idea how it will appear when pasting into a spreadsheet.

There is a tool here that apparently does the conversion for you, although I haven’t tested this personally and it may not longer work if the author hasn’t kept it up to date.

There’s also a previous discussion on this subject here: