HSBC update does not allow to export statement to Chrome extension

HSBC has updated the Internet Banking web page. Although it is possible to login from Chrome Quickfile as usual, the link “Export to Quickfile” that appeared at the bottom of the HSBC transactions page is no longer there. At the moment, apparently the only way to export the transactions is to download the transactions as CSV file and then upload that to Quickfile. Would you have a look at that?

Correction: The CSV file is useless as it contains only one column for both in and out amounts. Quickfile seems to allocate all to Money Out irrespective of sing - or +

We have depreciated the Chrome Extension now and it has since been removed from the Chrome Store. We aren’t able to actively change the code in that tool to accommodate for changes to the bank’s user interface. The reason we have done this is because this type of screen scraping will no longer be permitted under the new PSD2 regulations.

Instead we’d recommend looking at the automated Open Banking feeds, HSBC is now supported by Open Banking. Once setup, these feeds automatically import your transactions overnight without any manual intervention. I’ve included a link here with more information:

Managing Open Banking Feeds

You can of course still export and import your CSV file from HSBC. I’m not entirely sure why you’re experiencing issues there? If you like I can open a private message so you can share that file with me and I can take a closer look.

Interesting, will this mean Yodlee is no longer allowed to operate either?

It was legislated under PSD2, although from my understanding there may be certain exemptions in place from September 2019. I believe it will also depend on the individual member states as to how and when this will be enforced. I’ll try to get some more clarification on this form my colleagues.

All the banks we supported on the Chrome extension are part of the Open Banking CMA-9. PSD2 aside, It wasn’t a good use of our resources offering continued support for these Chrome feeds, they take a lot of time to fix when things change with the online banking interface.

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