HSBC Yodlee Bank Feed Not Updating

The last transaction that has been downloaded was from 18th March.

If I go to “Refresh Bank Feed” I just see the “Feed Details” screen - it doesn’t seem to make any attempt to refresh the feed.

The Feed Details shows:

Last Polled On: 22/03/2019 03:10
Last Updated To: 22/03/2019

But there are transactions on my statement on the 22nd and more recent ones that are not displaying.

I’ve no idea what to try. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @djskinner

There appears to be an issue with the Yodlee feed for HSBC which is affecting a small number of users. We have raised this with Yodlee.

Do you have just a current account set up for HSBC? We can look at moving you over to the Open Banking feed which is also automated. Would this be OK?

Whenever Yodlee refreshes the bank feed it not updating the transactions. It says no new transactions found when there are new transactions. The account is a HSBC account and it looks like HSBC have updated the internet banking so not sure if that is causing the issue. The last transaction imported is from the 18th of March.

Hi @abrarkhan

I’ve moved your post into this thread to keep the conversation in place. We can also look at moving your account to Open Banking if you wish? We just need to enable it from our side and you can set it up in a few simple steps on your account.

Would this be OK for you?

To be honest I thought I already had moved over to the Open Banking feed.

I have a current account and a secondary account.

Since I switched over to Open Banking (or thought I did) only the current account was being updated automatically. I now have to do the secondary account manually.

Update: Yes, looks like I’m already on Open Banking - Under “Feed Details” it says: Feed Type: Open Banking. I used to have to enter my OTP code each time to update the feed - but it does that automatically now (or did for a couple of months at least).

@djskinner - I’ll send you a private message to get a few more details from you. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.

yes thats fine. What do I need to Do?

Hi @abrarkhan,

I have enabled open banking for you. So you will need to remove the Yodlee feed and then set up the new feed through open banking

Hi, I seem to be having the same problem with HSBC. Did you get this resolved? Can anyone help with this please??

Hi @caranevill

How many accounts do you have with HSBC - is it just the current account?

If it is, we can help set you up on Open Banking too if that would help?

One thing that has caught a few people out with the HSBC feed with bank asking them to upgrade to the new interface when logging into online banking. If Yodlee encounters this, it will fail as it requires a user action.

Hi @QFMathew

I have the same problems with the Yodlee feed for my FirstDirect account (part of HSBC). Could I try out the automated Open Banking feed as well? Has it been rolled out to all users yet? If so, what steps do I need to take to activate it?


We are gradually extending access for the new Open Banking feeds. From your dashboard take a look in the “Bank” menu, if you see an option there for “Open Banking” you should be able to use the new feeds.

I should however mention that we’ve not added FirstDirect to the list of supported Open Banking providers just yet. We are gradually widening the scope of supported banks as we work through any issues with the existing providers. If you have a HSBC account you will be able to link that one.

Yeah, I can see the OPEN BANKING FEEDS button in the BANKING menu.

Would you have any suggestion to why my bank feed isn’t updating since around 20th March? When do you expect FirstDirect to be supported on the Open Banking Feed?

Regarding the Yodlee feed it is worth first disconnecting and reconnecting the feed (we can set it to pull in any missing entries). Failing that we’d need to escalate to Yodlee’s support department, happy to do that for you.

In regards to Open Banking we hope that have this live in 4-6 weeks.

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Yodlee feed several times. It seems to accept all settings and login details but it’s not updating any entries from my bank statement which I can clearly see when logged in to my bank’s website.

Oh and also, when I manually press ‘Refresh Bank Feed’ it’ll ask me again to provide a security code for my bank. That never happened beforehand. Even when I enter that, it doesn’t update my bank feed.

Upon further checking and re-entering my bank login credentials I could only choose a Savings Account which is one of several accounts I have with FirstDirect. My Current Account which I’d like to use for the bank feed wasn’t visible.

Considering I paid for the Yodlee Bank Feed function, I would like to see this fixed as soon as possible. Do you reckon the problem is something to do with either QuickFile, Yodlee or my bank?

This interface is entirely controlled by Yodlee, so if an account is not showing there we’d need to escalate this to them so they can take a look. I will send you a private message now to get some further details.

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I too have had issues with updating my HSBC Business Account.
Eventually I did get it to refresh the other day but, this time it wasn’t able to go back to cover ALL days since last refresh :frowning:

Hi @Sparky

If you log into HSBC directly, do you see any messages (e.g. upgrading your interface, or update your information)?

As with the other users above, we can move your current account to the Open Banking feed if you prefer?

Hi Mathew,

HSBC are offering support for Sage, Xero and Quickbooks…but I can’t see any mention of Quickfile