Import bulk bank or journal transcations

There are options to import most everything except bank transactions and journals, but there is an ability to upload bank transactions. How can I find the format of the necessary file, so I can create my own version to upload historical data in bulk?

Ideally I would import journals exported from in this case Quickbooks via Excel but can’t see any import function - massive omission IMO. And no, I don’t just want to import a tb.

I did ask this questions some years ago, and am hoping things have changed so I can switch; at some point QB2015 will give up the ghost and I don’t like the online offering.

You can upload bank transactions/bank statement to your bank account in quickfile. Go to your bank account and click options at the top of the page. There you find the option to upload CSV files (statement which you can download from your bank and transactions inside a CSV file which you created outside quickfile.

When changing accounting software you actually only upload/enter opening balances in your new software package, which you can download from your old system.
Also, download a whole data backup from your old bookkeeping software and keep it somewhere secure and safe.

Hope this helps

Thank you and I understand what you are suggesting, but it is not what I want.

This has prompted me to finish smoothing off the edges on a project I started a couple of years ago to make a Google Sheets script that can import journals into QuickFile via the API. If you want to try it take a copy of this Google sheet:

There’s a one-time setup process of granting permissions to the script in the spreadsheet, then you need to create an “app” in your QuickFile settings and enter the credentials (instructions in the “credentials” dialog in the sheet). But once you’re set up you should be able to import any CSV or similar that has journal data in it (columns for the nominal code, debit/credit amounts and optional line description) as a new “sheet” within the workbook, then use “import journal” to load it into QuickFile.

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That would be fantastic! :sunglasses: I will give it a try in the next few days; bit busy at the moment.

I had another look at QuickBooks online, and it’s still not for me.

I have no knowledge of using Google Sheets, and I do not understand what is meant by

In your copy, Extensions -> QuickFile journals -> Help 3.

and I also noticed there is no transaction/journal date for import on Sheet1. Can this be added? Would I be able to play with the script you refer to to add the date? Always happy to (try to) learn.

Also, is there any way this can be run locally on my PC via Excel and connected to Quickfile? I suspect not.


Once you’ve made a copy of the sheet, go to:

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 17.46.10

in order to start the authorization process.

The way I set it up you will be prompted for this separately in the popup where you confirm the journal details before submission. Given the date is a property of the journal as a whole rather than any individual line, it didn’t seem to make sense to take it from a column in the sheet.

No, the scripting language for Google Apps is completely different from Excel. I’m sure it would be possible to write an Excel macro to do the same thing but I wouldn’t know where to start with that myself.

I’m trying to “cheat the system” so I can import all my historical data from Quickbooks via Excel/CSV or Google Sheets etc. when there is no proper import function, and so I need the date to be per line or line pair. I have maybe 1900 entries/3800 lines to import with many/most with different dates.

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