Importing A/C records from Quickbooks Simple Start?

Hello All.

Up till now I’ve done my accounting on QuickBooks Simple Start 2010, which has been fine for my one-man business. However with the need to move to software which supports digital submissions of VAT I’ve just enrolled with QuickFile. So far so good - it all looks ok and it has new features that I wouldn’t have had in the old software.

However, I’m just wondering - can I import my accounting records (since 2010) from Quickbooks into Quickfile? I have the QuickBook export file which is up to date
but just wondered if it could be imported into QuickFile so that I’d have the full history there if ever I needed it.

Has anybody done this?

Many thanks,

Hi @PaulQQQ

If you can get the details in a .csv file, then it’s certainly possible.

We support the importing of:

  • Sales and purchase invoices
  • Clients and suppliers
  • Bank transactions

All of these are .csv (bank transactions can be other formats like .qif too).

Ideally, if you’re starting with QuickFile, all you would need is a trial balance export from Quickbooks. We have a guide for this, which may help: Importing a Quick Books Trial Balance

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