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Importing a trial balance and paying down multiple cheques

started quick file in Sept start of vat 1/4 have put input sales and invoice for each month
i have not posted or saved vat yet.
April to Sept are on sage.- can i manually put the totals in so i can get a full years figures or will this effect vat.
I have not transferred any figures across from sage - i started fresh.
i am a sole trader and as yet not linked up bank account because i batch all sales from a garage manager program so i can create a reminder system for mots invoices are raised from there.
I cant find anywhere to do a reminder apart from overdue payments.
because i batch 4 invoice from 1 supplier = 4 chqs they wont match
hope you can help

Hi @cda

You can import a trial balance, this will give you a trial balance as of a certain date. For more information about importing a trial balance from Sage, please check out the following link: Importing a Sage Trial Balance

This won’t affect the VAT returns as they only take into account invoices and payments (depending on whether you are set up for Cash based or Accrual based accounting for VAT)

Unfortunately there is no way of doing reminders, apart from Overdue Reminders.

If you are batch invoicing, you can tag these payments by selecting “Pay down multiple invoices or assign to a client (or supplier) account”
I hope this helps, but if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to ask.

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