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Importing from quickbooks (all transactions)


Hi ,
I saw a thread already addressing this back from 2014 and it said it could be done - however I would like to know how it is actually done. I know importing all transactions is not necessary, however I am switching from an accountant doing all my bookkeeping to having to do it myself.
If the accountant was using quickbooks as their software for all their clients, is there a way for me to import all my data from their system into quickfile?

My accounting year starts Feb and I will be having to input all data going back to Feb 2016 so looking for the simplest solution to pull all this data into quickfile so I can take over from here.

Thank you


Hi @witchway

The quickest way to import your figures is to download a trial balance report and upload it into QuickFile which is good to do at the end of an accounting year. I’ve included a few links below which may help.

A trial balance would include figures at a specific date. So if you export it, for example, for 31st October 2017, then this will include all invoices and purchases up to that date.

In regards to invoices, if you did want to input your invoices directly, then there are two main options:

  1. Importing a bank statement and tagging them, creating invoices as you go. This guide should help you with this

  2. Importing a .csv file, which you should be able to download from QuickBooks to import into QuickFile. This guide should help.

Just remember not to duplicate the data by importing both invoices and a trial balance covering the same date range. Although you are welcome to use both methods, e.g. a trial balance up to 31st October, and invoices from 1st November, to bring your QuickFile account up to date.

I hope that makes sense, but please let us know if we can help further :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your super speedy response - loving the software so far, a welcomed relief after being left in the lurch by my accountant.


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