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Integration Request: Add support for Capital On Tap

They are a corporate credit card provider who have recently integrated with Xero:



Thanks for your consideration.

Hi @fambi,

This bank is already available with the Yodlee bank feed :slight_smile:

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You’re right! I was treating it as a credit card, whilst you’re right that it’s a bank! How exciting!

Unfortunately, I’m facing this:

Updating Error: We were sorry, there was a technical problem updating your account. Please try again later. (Error 403)

According to the Yodlee developer website, this error is described as follows:

403 Agent Error INTERNAL_ERROR Problem Updating Account (403): We’re sorry, there was a technical problem updating your account. This kind of error is usually resolved in a few days. Please try again later.

Sounds a bit strange that an error would resolve itself within a few days. Any idea what that’s all about?

Yodlee works by screen scraping internet banking. I suspect when they get errors like this that suggest the bank has changed something in the layout of their internet banking pages it is automatically referred to their developers who then update their scraper to work with the new format within a few days.

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Hi @fambi,

If you are still getting this error after a couple of days then we can certainly try and raise it with Yodlee, but usually they do resolve themselves in a few days.

Really? What the?

Is that safe?

Hi @fambi

This is common practice. Until more banks offer a more open API (which is slowly becoming the case, but the emphasis is on the word slowly), this is the only way to automate it.

You may wish to take a look at this in regards to Yodlee: Yodlee Security


I’ve just tried to set up the capital on tap feed and am getting the same error as fambi

As per the error and the replies above I’d suggest waiting a few days and trying again.

All this information is helpful, but unfortunately, I cannot fathom out how to integrate the Yodlee feed mentioned to facilitate automatic import of Capital On Tap transactions … Is there a walk through on this? … I thought the old bank feed chrome extension had been depreciated … or the Yodlee feed something else? I set up the Capital on tap account as a mastercard credit card (as I only have a credit card number and not an account number and sort code). Apologies in advance if this has already been explained somewhere …regards M

Hi @mickrich,

On the bank account list if you click on options and select activate bank feed:

This will bring up the Yodlee settings where you can pick the bank and then log in to be able to link the feed.

Hope this helps?

Thanks for your response Beth, but Capital On Tap is not one of the available banks to select.

Hi @mickrich

If you do a search for “Capital” it should show up in the results:

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Thank you … didn’t see the search option :relaxed:

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I’ve been trying to Link my Cap on Tap account for a while now, The latest error I get is "We’re sorry, We have just started providing data updates for Capital OnTap. It may take a few days to be succesful. Please try again later (Error 507)


Are you seeing this as a QuickFile produced error or whilst you are connecting with the bank?

It’s at the Linking Stage on the Yodlee popup box within QF


Hi James,

This error is being sent from the bank/Yodlee and not from QuickFile so it may be best to contact your bank if you continue to see the error.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

That’s ok, I think it’s more a Yodlee error rather than a Capital On Tap one. It happens after you put the login details into the Yodlee screen.

I’ll just carry on with CSV uploads instead