Integration with Clickfunnels suspense account issue

Hey, can anyone help? I tried to integrate Clickfunnels via Zapier with Quickfile to track sales easier and there were issues with the link resulting in a formatting issue (e.g. It’s showing 2900 instead of 29)

The information is not pulling through properly resulting in my ‘suspense account’ on the profit and loss showing a figure that is not correct.

The amount in the suspense account is nowhere to be found in my accounts to remove.

How do I remove this figure in the suspense account that’s messing up my figures?

Many thanks!

To remove the figure on the suspense account you have to put it somewhere, so if you were to adjust the account that is incorrect and everything is balanced the suspense account will just be zero.

As for the initial issues, this recent post showed someone using the maths function to adjust the value that Zapier passed to Quickfile.