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Inventory Purchase and Sales


I can set up an item in the Sales Inventory complete with description and sales price. However, when I try to add the same item to the Purchase Inventory (to add the cost price), I can’t because there is an error message saying that the product code is already in use.
Can you tell me where I am going wrong?


Hi @DuncanH

It sounds like there may be a small bug here. I’ve asked our development team to take a look, but this may be Tuesday at the earliest given the weekend and New Year period.

We’ll keep you updated.


That’s good - thanks.


@DuncanH - I’ve just tested this by creating an item in the Sales Items category, and then creating another item in the Purchase Order Items category, both with the same item name. I haven’t received any warnings or errors when trying to do this.

I just wanted to be sure that I’m looking at the right page and trying to same thing as you. Would you mind sharing a few steps so I can try to replicate your issue please?


Hi there, I am having the same issue when adding a new record on the Purchase Inventory.

Can you help?



Hi @iberfood

We’ll certainly try to help :slight_smile:

Would you be able to give me a few steps to recreate the issue please?


Purchase> Purchase Inventory> Create New Item > Input same data of the item as I already have in the sales Inventory except price and receive error saying: You already have an item with this name!


Got it - thanks!

I’ve logged this with our development team and will report back once this is live.


Hi, any update on this?

Also, how can I export the whole sales inventory in one go rather than the items in a page(50).



Hi @iberfood

This should now be live. Would you mind trying now please and letting me know if this is working all OK?

You would need to run an account backup. Please see this guide for further info: Create a data backup schedule


I tried to add an item with the same name and description but different price and I still receive the same error. Is there any way to transfer the sales inventory to the purchase inventory and then just change cost and quantities?




Hi Oscar

Please accept my apologies - this has been fixed, but it isn’t yet live as it’s pending sign off.

There isn’t a way to transfer them from one list to another. This should go live within the next day or so, but I’ll be sure to let you know when this happens.


@iberfood - We’ve released an update this morning which should now resolve this issue for you. Would you mind giving it a go when it’s convenient and letting me know if this is working all OK for you please?