Invoice issue date reverting to Today after filing as Sent


I seem to have come across a bug whereby when I create an invoice with a future date, then go to preview and send, then file as sent to the client account, the issue date reverts to today.

This only seems to have started happening in the last few days.

Has any one else come across this issue, are QuickFile able to recreate this scenario?

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I think it relates to this recent feature request:

We could certainly look at making an exemption if the issue date is greater than the send date.


Thanks for pointing out the new feature which looks to have caused this bug.

Can we expect that QuickFille make the change for future dated invoices?


Yes I have logged this and that rule will be applied on the next release. Most likely early next week.


Thanks for the update Glenn.

I have also found the same occurs if I raise an invoice with an invoice date in the past. As part of the ‘fix’ will this issue also be resolved?


The update discussed here ensures that whenever you send an invoice, if the invoice issue date is in the past it will always update to the send date. However this shouldn’t happen if the date is set in the future, as per your original post.

The reason this was implemented is that many users create draft invoices that stay in draft format for perhaps several weeks, when they send that invoice to the client they want the issue date to reflect that (i.e. get updated). When that doesn’t happen if the invoice was created a month ago but sent today, it will instantly show as overdue to the client.

Thanks for the update.

I appreciate why the change has been made. Is there any way to have that occur to invoices flagged as sent from previous draft status rather than new?

The future issue is being resolved which is great but now will always have to go in and edit date after posting the invoice for past dates.

I’m not sure I’m following here? When an invoice is created “new” it is always in Draft status, then on the following preview screen when it is sent the issue date is updated (if before today’s date). If the invoice is new then presumably it will already be dated as the same date you send?

Ah, I did not realise that the invoice goes straight in to Draft status and therefore the rule of “set date to today if before today” would be applied. What I had meant as new, was if it was created and set to sent at the same time and not left in Draft for many days.

I suppose you’re adding some predated invoices, marking as sent then realising that it’s brought the issue date forward, which was not what you wanted?

I think we may need to give this some more thought, perhaps a checkbox so that you can stop the date getting modified on send?

Yes - that is totally correct.

To give some context, I am using QuickFile for a service product led business and at times provide services at the drop of a hat and have to invoice later as it could be late in the day/not had the time to input. I like to back date to the date of service provided to ensure my like for like year on year sales reporting comes out clearly reflective of the actual sale rather than when in-putted.

OK we will give this some more thought and get back to you.

Hello Glenn, I have the opposite problem! I prepare invoices at the beginning of the month to cover services provided during previous month, with billing date last day of the (previous) month. I set the payment due date accordingly on each invoice to ensure the customer has the correct amount of time from receipt of bill. I find even when I’ve saved the invoice with the correct date, it still changes it to today’s date.
Would it be possible to have a simple check box to override automatic dating, or something similar?

We plan to introduce an account setting within the next release so that this behaviour of updating issue dates can be selectively switched off, thus reverting it back to how it was before.

Hello Glenn,

As MaryJ I also enter invoices with dates set in the past and experience same issue.

We have e-commerce web page (shop) which processes orders and issues invoices on its own and I have to enter them into QuickFile.

I think the confusing part of this new feature is that there is no hint on the screen that the issue date was changed.

  1. Create New Invoice -> I can see desired Issue date
  2. Preview & Send -> I still see correct date
  3. Flag as Sent -> I still see correct date

Then I return to Sales and see that the issue date was changed to today.

Also I noticed that when it happens the currency exchange rate remains unchanged.

For example:
I create an invoice issued 27/04/2015 in foreign currency. The QuickFile takes correct currency exchange rate.
Then I follow steps above up to “Flag as Sent” which changes date to 07/05/2015 but leaves currency exchange rate as it was on 27/04/2015.

A couple of updates should go live today or tomorrow. These will prevent re-dating of foreign currency invoices (for the reasons you highlight) and the introduction of an account level setting to disable this feature altogether.

There was quite a bit of support for introducing this feature but clearly it’s not beneficial to all users.

We have now rolled out the account level setting to disable this behaviour.

By default it is switched off, if you want to change the setting you can find it in the advanced features area.

@irreality even when switched on we will not move the issue date for foreign currency invoices to avoid any divergence between the issue date and exchange rates.

Everything works as described. Thanks Glenn!

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