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Invoice number continuation advice

Hi, newbie here - I will be transferring from Sage One and want to know if I have to import all my invoicing history into QuickFile or do I just start my first QuickFile invoice number with what would have been the next Sage invoice number. (NB not VAT registered, but am a LTD company).

you don’t need to import everything from sage but you have to keep a record of it. You only need to import the trial balances. Have a look here, this should answer most questions:

You also don’t need to continue with your invoice numbers (you can do but you don’t need to). You can start from zero or what ever you want. Maybe this thread is helpful: Customising invoice numbers

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Hi @nimblegipsy

Further to @rhc’s post, you may find this helpful: Getting Started with QuickFile

When you create an invoice, you can amend the invoice number and we’ll just continue it from there. So when you create your first invoice, adjust the number to continue from Sage and it should be job done :slight_smile:

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