Issue with Barclays Open Banking Feed


One of my clicnts is having issues with their Barclays Bank Feed. It was working fine and then for some reason appeared to switch over to another Barclays Bank account for a different business (same log-in details). Then it ceased feeding anything since July.

I suggested that they revoke the Open Banking access and set it up again but they now get the following:

and then…

Any ideas ?



Hi @Echohead,

Have they made sure that the account they are trying to link the feed to has been set up as Barclays in the bank settings drop down?

Also, if they have linked their bank accounts it should show a list on the first screenshot. When they create the link with the bank they should be asked which accounts they would like to grant access to, these will then show under open banking and you’ll be able to link these to the bank accounts on QuickFile

Hi Beth

Yes it is set uyp as a Barclays Account with the Barclays logo.

I’ll ask them to try again with the linking of the specific account and get back to you.


Hi Beth

I’ve just gone through this all with the client and they have done it exactly as you suggest but still get the same screens.

Any other suggestions.

Thanks for your help.

It may be worth getting them to try this?

One of my clients is having a problem with bank feeds. A relatively new account. When she clinks on the open banking feeds, the new subscription box opens up. She is with Barclays but not relevant as that is as far as she can go.

Hi @liverandbacon,

If you are seeing the new subscription box it may be that they haven’t paid for the bank feeds yet/or the feed has expired. I believe my colleague has also replied to a private message you sent in earlier too

Many Thanks,

I thought that open banking feeds are replacing subscription services.

Am I wrong?

Peter Adams

Open Banking Feeds are replacing Yodlee feeds where available, but a subscription will still be required to access them. If you already have a Yodlee subscription, this will cover both types of bank feeds.

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