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Ive accidentally allocated invoices to the wrong code


how do i amend the code on purchase invoices that have been tagged?
I have allocated payments to therapists as subcontractors 6002 and i believe they should be 6001. how do I amend this?


Hi @Termeek1

Providing the invoice isn’t locked (e.g. because of a VAT return or Year End lock), you can simply modify the invoice as you normally would, and update it there.

The payment itself has no bearing on the nominal codes for the invoice.

Hope that helps!


Hi Matthew,

Ive tried looking to modify the invoices, but as the suppliers are on QF the purchase is automatically created in QF and I cannot amend it. can this be done by the QF team?


Hi @Termeek1

It’s not something we’re able to do, but you can unmap a single invoice if you wish to edit it. This option should appear at the top of the invoice when you preview it.

Alternatively, you may be able to use the bulk re-code tool: Bulk change incorrect postings


Hi Matthew
thanks for your help, that’s sorted it!!