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Hello everyone,

Looking to transfer from Kashflow to Quickfile. I also use the Kashflow payroll addon so I know that I will have to find a new Payroll addon (will probably use the PayrollSite as recommended just for ease of integration unless others can be integrated). My year end is the end of May so am just looking at what problems I may face, is it easy to import data from Kashflow or would it be best to just transfer my figures over and start afresh. Really just trying to get a general feeling from people who may have done the same thing and hit any snags.

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I use MyPAYE, I wrote my own API integration for it which I’ve posted on here previously - not quite as seamless as the payroll site, but it’s just one command line tool that I run on my laptop once per pay cycle.

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Hi Jason1,
Quickfile has not only the forum, they also have a knowledge base with lots of information. Here is one on how to get your data into quickfile: Importing data from another system
You said your year end date is end of may. To make things easier I would finish the year in your old system, do a year end process in your old system and transfer the trial balance, your suppliers and customers to quickfile. Please remember to keep records from your old system as a evidence for you and in case HMRC is asking for it.

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I have seen that on the forums Ian on my browsing visits. How well does it work? Don’t mind running it once per payroll (I pay myself weekly, would that make a difference) if it works. Will probably transfer at my year end. Looks a robust and well used system and seems well liked when i’ve looked just generally around the internet. The company I run has it’s own company website and sells on Amazon and Ebay. Most payments are Paypal and I use Square for the credit card processing, just the odd sale on Amazon at the moment. Any problems with these sort of payments?

I use it to run a weekly payroll and I’ve been using it reliably for a couple of years now without needing to fix the code.

Hi @Jason1

Just to add in here, PayPal is a feed that we support, so you can get these imported into your QuickFile account automatically.

Stripe is to become available in the near-future.

What about Square which is what I use?

Sorry for the confusion - I meant Square is coming in the near-future. Not sure how I managed to type “Stripe” there!

We already have a Stripe feed.

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