Keeping old information

Hi, We created two paid quickfile accounts, and one is about to expire. We no longer need to use this account but would like to keep the information for future reference. the question is if we no longer pay the subscription will the details disappear. We will not be making any more transactions, is there a way to keep it open or download all the information. I have tried using the reports but it really does not provide any usable info

Hi @Patluke

We purge inactive accounts after 2 years of no activity - simply logging in will keep the account “active”. Even if it does reach the 2 year point, we will send 3 emails to all team members as a warning before taking any action.

So you’re welcome to leave the data there for the time being. Of course, if anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Regarding downloading your data, you can export a back up of the account by following this guide: Create a data backup schedule

Once you stop adding new transactions the account will drop out of the subscription-required tier naturally at some point over the next twelve months. Up until then if you need occasional access then I’d suggest signing up for an affinity account as you can then attach your old account to your affinity dashboard just on the days when you need to access it, and you pay pence per day rather than pounds per year.

So our Power subscription has now expired so there is no longer access to the old info. The only way to see any of the information without renewing the subscription. How do we revert back to the unpaid version in order to ‘see’ the old information, as previously stated in closed post we have a new Power subscription running and will not be posting in the old version.

Hi @Patluke

I’ve merged your post back into the original topic to keep everything together.

There isn’t a way to downgrade to a free tier as it’s based on account size. However, this is calculated based on entries made to the account within the last 12 months.

As @ian_roberts mentioned above, the amount will gradually drop and you’ll end up in a free tier. If you need a copy of the data however, please let me know and we’ll arrange for a back up to be sent to you.