Latest Innovations with expenses?

I just want to ask about whats new with expenses? is there OCR yet? integration with receipt bank?

Multi currency expenses?

Paypal expenses in dollars and pounds?

I’ve always used quick file for invoices and really do like it, but the expenses part leaves a lot to be desired.

My accountant is recommending changing to quickbooks which seems to be the next level to automation and a feature I really like is OCR of receipts and - todo list of item to reconcile, Auto tagging expense categories etc

I’ve been a customer for year now and I am super grateful to quickfile but I’ve always had todo my expenses on excel

Hi @Paul_Cheetham

I’ll try and address your points in turn:

  • OCR/Receipt Bank Integration
    OCR is available as a test feature (more details can be found here: Machine Learning for Receipts). Receipt Bank is a bit different as it’s a push integration, meaning they need to perform the integration from their end rather than our end. What I would recommend is expressing your interest to them.

  • Multi-currency expenses
    Not sure I follow on this one? Do you mean just general purchases in currencies other than GBP? If so, we’ve supported this for several years. Please let us know if you need any help with this and we’ll certainly try our best to help.

  • PayPal expenses in dollars and pounds
    Do you just mean transactions in currencies other than GBP? Again, this is something we’ve supported for a while. I believe the PayPal feed supports this (it definitely does for conversions), but will double check and confirm shortly.

If there are any specific suggestions you have, you’re more than welcome to start a #feature request. Providing there’s enough interest, we can take a look at the feasibility of the suggestion. Many of the features in QuickFile started out here as one of those threads :slight_smile:

Thank you, do the machine learning for receipt work on bulk receipts or do you need to click through and mess about opening each individual receipt and click the magic wand button on each individual one.

I want some fast and less effort as possible.

The receipt parsing uses OCR and machine learning, unfortunately it’s not really comparible to Receipt Bank, which combines OCR with manual data entry. The manual aspect of Receipt Banks does mean that it comes at a cost. OCR alone costs a fraction of a penny per scan, which allowed us to trial this on a small scale in the Receipt Hub free of charge.

We have had conversations with Receipt Bank in the past, but due to the way it’s setup it would need to be initated from their side rather than ours. The last time we looked into this Receipt Bank didn’t have a public API, if they did it would be something we’d explore further.

With the Starling integration does it also pull in the scanned receipts?

Hi @Paul_Cheetham

No, the feed only pulls in the transaction data.

How to get the scanned receipts into QuickFile from starling?

You have various options, you can use the dropbox integration or you can email them into the receipt hub?

If there’s sufficient demand we’re also happy to look at extending our integration with Starling to retrieve receipt scans. I’m not sure if it has come up on the forum before, but it’s something we could consider assuming this is technically possible at Starling’s end.

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