Line description view in Nominal Codes list

Would it be possible to implement a new feature regarding Nominal Code view?
If you go to Chart of Accounts and choose a Nominal Code (let’s say General Purchases), you will be presented with a list of all transactions to the chosen date range (see below).

Would it be possible to see item description for invoices listed here at all? Seeing all invoice numbers are great, but if you need to make sure (like at year end) that all entries are correct, you would need to click on every one of them to check what they are exactly.
The feature to be able to choose a group of them and move to a new code is so convenient it could not be any easier, but seeing the actual item description would make the process a dream come true.
Hope the idea would get the backing of others and implementing it would not involve a huge amount of work - I believe it would benefit many users as a way to easily discover mispostings.

Hi @csaba

Firstly, thank you for your post and suggestion.

This has come up before, and we did make a change based on user feedback. While this isn’t visible on the line by default, you could use custom JavaScript (if you have a power user subscription) to tick the box automatically.

You can see more details on the change we implemented in the post below:

I hope this helps

Haha, you are two steps ahead of me! :)) I do have the tick box now that you mention it, but never used it before. Thanks for pointing me to the right direction!

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On this I am noticing that when you click on show all notes it only shows the top lines description. this makes the category a little bit difficult to analyse.

See the example images below. You will see that something analysed to Cost of Sales Labour is described as Fixtures and Fittings but relates to staff wages.

As someone reviewing ledgers prepared by clients this makes it particularly difficult.

Anyone able to shed any light on how to deal with this

Including item level details inside the ledger notes box (which I believe is capped to 500 chars) is really beyond the scope of what this report can do. If an invoice has 200 line items this is not the place to show that degree of detail.

You can however CTRL click on the invoice link and see the details in a new tab.

Thats quite cumbersome if you have a nominal ledger with say 30 or 40 lines. Surely the description detail from the appropriate line should be applied?

Is there another way to get this data easier?